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Didzis Gavars

doctor, former Latvian Minister of Health

Seaweed, which Fucso JODSI jelly is made of, contains several essential minerals. Iodine is especially important because there's a lack of it in our part of the world. Regular and sufficient consumption of iodine is vitally important. Iodine is involved in the production of thyroid hormones, which play an important role in the body's development and functioning.

Currently, I can't provide objective comments on this product's medical impact on health without scientific and long-term clinical studies. However, having personally used this product both orally and externally, I am convinced that Fucso JODSI is made using high-quality technology, as evidenced by the consistency of the product, uniformity, stability, relatively neutral taste, smell, and quality of packaging. The product can be used orally and externally without any special conditions (before/after a meal, at a certain time...).

Sea plants and products have been used in cosmetics for centuries and have recently enjoyed high praise. When used externally, iodine provides a healthy effect on the skin, hair, and nails. It can be used as a cosmetic product, which is why the technology behind the product and its quality are so high. Again, based on my own experience using the product on my skin, without requiring extensive research, I could see the positive effect for me personally (especially in the cold season when my skin tends to be dry, even very dry and irritated).

Fucso JODSI jelly can be easily applied thanks to the pleasant uniformity of the gel and washes off easily after a procedure. And the fact that I can use Fucso JODSI jelly orally and externally is a big plus, in my view.

Отзыв 2

Dr. Anatoly Miroshnikov, Ph.D.

academician at the Russian Academy of Sciences

My education and profession require me to know about the beneficial properties of the seaweed components used for dietary purposes.
Brown seaweed contains record-high macro- and microelements, dietary fibers (polysaccharides), and IODINE, which makes them beneficial in human nutrition. FUCUS seaweed-based products contain substances called FUCOIDANS, which are unique carbohydrate polymers whose therapeutic properties have been confirmed in hundreds of scientific articles. Fucoidans, alginic acid sodium salts, and IODINE aren't found in terrestrial plants. That's why consuming products made using brown seaweed, specifically fucus, can legitimately be called functional nutrition.

You can't make a salad out of fucus seaweed. It's too pulpy. But technology makes any seaweed edible. This technology makes it possible to derive from FUCUS a jelly (colloidal system or "molecular food") that preserves all beneficial natural components in their native (live) form. Various flavoring and healthy additives make it possible to improve the products and increase their nutritional value. My family and I have used FUCSO Seaweed Jelly regularly for years. This allowed us to tackle several personal problems: reducing appetite, improving hand skincare and hair, and boosting overall energy.

Give it a try! Regularly using fucus products is your path to improving your quality of life.

Отзыв 3

Dr. Alexey Volchesky

Gastroenterologist, M.D.

I first want to talk a little about what Fucso GASTRO is. This specialized product is intended for dietary (therapeutic) consumption. It contains active components in their native molecular form. It's made using an innovative technique that doesn't use chemical agents and doesn't contain preservatives, artificial coloring, or artificial flavors.

In my practice as a gastroenterologist, Fucso GASTRO has proven itself as an effective remedy for enhancing the digestive system and improving immune status. The use of this product can reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, which is very noticeable when treating gastritis and enterocolitis. It's also worth noting that Fucso GASTRO increases the digestive system's resistance to bacterial and viral infections. As such, it allows you to effectively correct the state of intestinal microflora and various dysbiotic conditions. Restoring "good" microflora normalizes digestion and, as a result, reduces body mass while improving the skin's condition (which is especially important for women's beauty).

Fucso GASTRO also proved to be effective as an enterosorbent, which prevents the absorption of harmful substances and cholesterol from the gastrointestinal tract, while increasing bioavailability for microelements that the body needs. It also helps to reduce blood glucose levels, while the iodine included in the product helps normalize the thyroid gland, which regulates the metabolism, the cardiovascular system, and the central nervous system. It makes it harder for body mass to grow due to decreased thyroid function from an iodine deficiency. I'd also like to note and highlight that Fucso GASTRO did wonders as a therapeutic food product for people with ulcers and erosive diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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