Seaweed jelly

pure energy of the Northern Seas

FUCSO Seaweed Jelly is a uniquely pure organic product made from seaweed.

Our patented technology preserves the maximum
biologically active substances.

Our products promote wellness
and help prevent illness.

The products are absolutely ready to use
and are free of preservatives.

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For vegetarians and cosmetics

We are always conducting research and strive to continually add to our line of healthy eating products.

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We believe in our product!


FUCSO Seaweed Jelly is good for the body and unique in its purity and quality. This is backed by numerous clinical studies.


Our new technology is based on the combined effects of various physical factors that open the algae cells and transition molecules to a free state.


Our scientific approach and regular clinical studies help us constantly improve our food processing technology to keep as many healthy substances as possible.


Raw materials derived from their natural habitat require special treatment to remove from the seaweed's surface, which contains microorganisms and traces of heavy metals


Our special technical process keeps molecules alive or, in scientific terms, "native".


The entire process takes place in special, patented equipment that maintains food safety and sanitation for raw materials.


The use of seaweed as food dates to the 4th century in Japan and the 6th century in China. The first recorded consumption of a member of the red algae genus, known as "nori", was in 530. Its cultivation was first documented in 1640.


In 1658, the Japanese began to process seaweed that they'd collected to make products similar to agar. In the 18th century, iodine and baking soda were derived from types of brown seaweed, like kelp, fucus, and macrocystis. Today, seaweed is grown on an industrial scale in China, South Korea, and Japan.

While seaweed has traditionally been a dietary staple in Eastern countries, the West has used it in the food industry and agriculture.


When Western lifestyle saw changes in its diet, it also saw a corresponding growth in illnesses, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and Type II diabetes among them. Segments of the population whose diet is large plant-based, including fruits and vegetables, as well as those who eat more seafood have a lower rate of cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

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The concept of functional nutrition was developed in Japan in the early 1980s as a means of protecting consumers' health. In the late 1990s, Europe came up with a definition for these foods: "foods and food components have the ability to beneficially influence body functions and help improve the state of well-being and health and reduce the risk of diseases." Seaweed was named a "medical food of the 21st century".


During the short northern summer, all living creatures in the North have to prepare themselves for the long cold winter. This harsh reality, in addition to the long daylight, leads northern plants to work more intensely than southern plants. One day provides enough food for a year. That said, fucuses in the North live in very harsh conditions. They have to be unusually resistant to environmental factors, such as high doses of ultraviolet radiation in the summer, prolonged dark periods, breaking wave motion, and drops in salinity and temperatures.

This is why our selection of fucuses comes from the pure and unique Northern seas.



Didzis Gavars

doctor, former Latvian Minister of Health

Seaweed, which Fucso JODSI jelly is made of, contains several essential minerals. Iodine is especially important because there's a lack of it in our part of the world. Regular and sufficient consumption of iodine is vitally important. Iodine is involved in the production of thyroid hormones, which play an important role in.....

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Dr. Anatoly Miroshnikov, Ph.D.

academician at the Russian Academy of Sciences

My education and profession require me to know about the beneficial properties of the seaweed components used for dietary purposes.

Brown seaweed contains record-high macro- and microelements, dietary fibers (polysaccharides), and IODINE, which makes them beneficial in human nutrition.....

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Dr. Alexey Volchesky,

Gastroenterologist, M.D.

I first want to talk a little about what Fucso GASTRO is. This specialized product is intended for dietary (therapeutic) consumption. It contains active components in their native molecular form. It's made using an innovative technique that doesn't use chemical agents and doesn't contain preservatives, artificial coloring.....

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